Simms Space is the illegitimate love child of a large cubicle-strewn, fluorescent light wielding, office space and Golrath: the universe-defending unicorn who shoots lasers from her mouth and cries tears made of pure joy. In essence, Simms Space combines the practical amenities and conveniences of a large office with plenty of creativity and wonder. The result is a truly unique place to work, collaborate, and network.


Oh, and beer!


  • Free Delicious Coffee
  • Reception
  • Frequent Fist Bumps
  • 24 Hour Access
  • Mail Service
  • Phone Booth
  • Internets
  • Events
  • All-Seeing Eye Supervision
  • Dog Friendly


  • Open Membership

    Access to all shared spaces in the... Spaces. All amenities are included as well as access to all events.
  • Dedicated Desk

    Your own desk! All the exceedingly awesome perks of membership included. And a desk!
  • Offices

    Starting at $390 / month
    More of a "Fortress of Solitude" type of person? Rent an office for yourself or with some buddies! Offices are lockable and have optional janitorial.


Teacher Appreciation


Simms Space would like to show our support to all teachers who make a difference one day at a time. First 30 teachers to drop by will get a pleasant surprise!

Simms Building-7th floor

Open work day! National Bike Month


Bike on over for a free trial!! This Wednesday only, you'll be able to experience what it's like to be part of a co-working community.

Simms Building-7th floor

National Pizza Day!


There's no party like a pizza party, because pizza parties have pizza!!!! Lunch time is a great time to appreciate our Simms Spacers, and who ever drops in too!

Simms Building-7th floor

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