Simms Space is the illegitimate love child of a large cubicle-strewn, fluorescent light wielding, office space and Golrath: the universe-defending unicorn who shoots lasers from her mouth and cries tears made of pure joy. In essence, Simms Space combines the practical amenities and conveniences of a large office with plenty of creativity and wonder. The result is a truly unique place to work, collaborate, and network.


Oh, and beer!


  • Free Delicious Coffee
  • Reception
  • Frequent Fist Bumps
  • 24 Hour Access
  • Mail Service
  • Phone Booth
  • Internets
  • Events
  • All-Seeing Eye Supervision
  • Dog Friendly


  • Open Membership

    Access to all shared spaces in the... Spaces. All amenities are included as well as access to all events.
  • Dedicated Desk

    Your own desk! All the exceedingly awesome perks of membership included. And a desk!
  • Offices

    Starting at $390 / month
    More of a "Fortress of Solitude" type of person? Rent an office for yourself or with some buddies! Offices are lockable and have optional janitorial.


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